Welcome to my website, a place filled with contemporary still lifes.

My still lifes are painted with incredible precision. I use this rich detail to create compositions that are truly lifelike. A favourite subject of mine is indulgent cakes and desserts – I will even bake my own cakes to achieve the style I want..

So take a moment and enjoy paintings featuring honey drizzled pancakes, gin & tonic’s…..and even a flaming Christmas pudding!

My still life paintings are really full size miniature paintings.

Use the zoom feature to have a closer look at my ‘Coffee & Walnut Cake’ painting!

“The end results of Brett’s input are scintillating, mind-boggling in fact.”

Iain Barrat (CATTO  GALLERY)

‘Marmalade on Toast’
oil on board, 34 x 29 cm

This ‘Artisan Chocolates’ still life painting is 40 x 25 cm.

Use the zoom feature above to see a close up of the painting.

‘Negroni Cocktail’ 
oil on board,  27 x 22 cm