New Painting – Sicilian Lemonade

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Sicilian Lemonade – acrylic on board – 45cm x 36cm

I like the summery undertones of this still life, you can almost taste that cold and refreshing lemonade. The lemons used in this painting are actually genuine Sicilian lemons. They are a little bit bigger than normal lemons and have the classic distinctive lemon shape.

Scillian Lemonade_close up1

Scillian Lemonade_close up2

Scillian Lemonade_close up3

One thought on “New Painting – Sicilian Lemonade

  1. Brett,
    I am not usually a fan of still life, however I love this collection. I particularly love this one, do you have any prints available?
    Hope the exhibition goes well, sorry we can’t get there.

    Love Sarah

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