Catto Exhibition November 2014

Catto Exhibition0

The outside of the gallery. (different artists and different time of year)

Catto Exhibition1

Iain (one of the owner’s of the gallery) and me┬ájust before the exhibition opened. I walked into the exhibition space and was blown away seeing my paintings displayed together for the first time in my career. These photos do not do the presentation justice but the Catto Gallery could not have made my work look any better. It was a 3 hour opening night with lots of people coming and going, it was certainly a very rewarding experience and I can’t wait to do it all over again in 2016.

Catto Exhibition5

Chatting to the first few visitors

Catto Exhibition4

My first autograph, hopefully not the last…..

Catto Exhibition2

Chatting to one of my Collectors.

Catto Exhibition3

Taking a closer look.

Catto Exhibition6

Getting busier as the evening progressed. I think this is where the photography stopped.

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