New Painting – Cheese & Biscuits

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Cheese & Biscuits – acrylic on board – 66cm x 42cm

This is another large still life painting, the big benefit of scaling up is I can fit a lot of content in the painting – see below. I was after a rich warm glow for this particular painting to balance all the different elements, I usually have a pretty good idea of the colour scheme before I start a painting. One of the downsides of still life painting is resisting the urge to eat the composition – luckily I was able to polish off the surplus!

Cheese & Biscuits_close up1

Cheese & Biscuits_close up2

Cheese & Biscuits_close up3

Cheese & Biscuits_close up4

Cheese & Biscuits_close up5

Cheese & Biscuits_close up6

Cheese & Biscuits_close up7

4 thoughts on “New Painting – Cheese & Biscuits

  1. Hi Brett

    I hope all is well with you. I was just checking out your website and saw this wonderful piece. Is it still for sale?

    Best wishes

    Andrea Wood
    Previous customer!

  2. Hi Andrea,

    Unfortunately this piece has sold but there will be more on the way!

    Kind regards

  3. Hi Brett,
    Just purchased a Limited print of Port Issacs, do you have print available of the Cheese & Biscuits painting.

    Best regards Martin

  4. Hi Martin,

    Thankyou for your order.

    Unfortunately all my still lifes are ‘originals’ only!

    Kind regards

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