New Painting – Hope Cove

This is my new painting of Hope Cove, this beautiful location is found in the South Hams in Devon. Hope Cove is a small seaside village and is located some 5 miles west of Salcombe and 5 miles south-west of Kingsbridge. It has two beaches, and is sheltered by the headland of Bolt Tail. The small finger of rock between the two beaches is known as The Old Preist. Historically, the village falls into two parts — Outer Hope and Inner Hope. Both parts of the village originally developed as centres for the local fishing industry. Hope Cove also developed a reputation for smuggling and for plundering wrecked ships.

What attracted me so much to this location was the way the Old Priest divided the two beaches up and how the houses are almost on top of the sea. This is very unusual as rather than having a huge sea wall to protect the houses they have a wonderful natural feature that adds immense character to the location. I have spent many enjoyable relaxing afternoons at this location and this was the vibe that I wanted for my painting.

Here are two high-resolution close ups to give a better idea of what is really going on in this painting. One of the key features of my artwork is that it works in two ways. It can be viewed as a whole from 6ft away or from 2 inches away with no drop in quality. When viewed from up close the painting then reveals more of the colour work and textural features.

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