New Painting – Exmouth Promenade

Here is my new painting of Exmouth.

Exmouth is a coastal resort in East Devon and is truly defined by the sea. It has a sea frontage that features a sandy two mile long beach with sea cliffs at one end and a traditional promenade at the other. High above the promenade is Morton Crescent (the buildings in my painting), which first became fashionable in Georgian times. Exmouth has a wide range of architecture, ranging from small cob cottages in parts of the town that were once villages to the Georgian, Victorian and Edwardian town houses. The river Exe’s final passage into the sea goes through a small channel with Exmouth on one side and Dawlish Warren on the opposite shore of the river. Dawlish Warren is one of the few natural sand spits in the world and is home to rare wildlife and plants.

 The primary objective of this painting was to convey the architectural majesty and scale of the Morton Crescent, but I also wanted to feature the distant scenery as well because the Haldon Hills are a very visible precence when viewed from the seafront.

I have included some close-ups of the painting below……………………………

Morton Crescent……………………….

the mouth of the River Exe……………………

the Queen Victoria Diamond Jubilee Clock tower………………….

and a couple strolling along the beach.

To view this painting go to Originals

6 thoughts on “New Painting – Exmouth Promenade

  1. Hi am interested in your new painting of Exmouth promenade, can you tell me if its still for sale, and if so how much?

  2. Is your painting of Exmouth promenade still for sale? I love it, my father in law would love this for a xmas pressy.

  3. Hi Paul, unfortunately no print is available of Exmouth Promenade as it was a Commission piece.

  4. Hi Brett. That’s a great pity. Do you exhibit Exmouth paintings, or know where we might be able to get a print. We used to live in Alexandra Terrace as students and visit Exmouth every year. Your painting reminds us so clearly if that area.

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