New Painting – ‘Bedruthan Steps’


This a very interesting place called Bedruthan Steps on the north coast of Cornwall. Coastal erosion has worn back the cliff face leaving huge outcrops of volcanic rock scattered along the length of the beach. These towering monoliths are surrounded by water at high tide, but at low tide the beach is acccessible and you can walk around and between them. Access to the beach is via a steep staircase, recently rebuilt by the National Trust.  It’s not for the faint hearted or unfit – the descent (and the climb back up) is steep and the steps are often wet and slippery. The gate providing access to the steps is locked between November and February.

With this Oil painting I wanted to convey the tremendous scale of these monoliths and also the height of the cliffs as well. The flowers and the turquoise sea complete the scene.

To view this painting go to Originals

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