New Painting – ‘Derwent Jetties’


Here is my first oil painting, it is of the old wooden jetties at Derwent Water in the

Lake District. My photograph that was used for this painting was taken about 12

years ago and I am pretty sure these rickety old jetties have been replaced for

something much stronger and safer. When I was there early that morning the jetties

were very slippery and I can remember nearly going for a swim!!


I have enjoyed using oils and have found them pretty easy to use once I was used to

their different feel. One of the best differences between oils and acrylics is the oils

slower drying times. Anyone who has used acrylics in summer will know how little

working time you get before its dry. It also seems like there are a lot more

techniques and working methods availible to you when using oils, so I am looking

forward to experimenting more on future paintings.


To view the painting  go to Originals


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