My visit to see the Artist Peter Symonds in his Studio

Last week I had the wonderful opportunity to see the work and talk to an artist that I have admired for many years.

The first time I was aware of Peter Symonds work was when my sister brought home a framed print by him that she had been given as a present. This was about 15 years ago and it was around the same time as I was getting into painting. The print is still on display in her house today so I often looked at it and imagined what it would be like to be a landscape artist.

Now 15 years on from that first print of his that I saw, Peter Symonds is considered by many experts, art critics and fellow artists to be one of the truly elite landscape artists of his time.


Peter first spoke to me last year after finding my website and explained that in his early days of being an artist he was given tuition by David Shepherd. He said he benefited greatly from this early advice and wondered if I would like to receive some similar help from him, I had no hesitation in saying yes.

The timing of my visit to his studio could not have been better as I was thinking about making a switch from acrylics to oils and with Peter having painted with oils for the last 20 years he was able to give me some valuable pointers and tips.

Seeing Peters stunning work up close clearly showed me what can be achieved by painting in oils, so I can’t wait to begin my first oil painting which is going to be of Burgh Island in the South Hams of Devon.

I have enjoyed using acrylics these last few years but feel I have taken them as far as I can go. I am now looking forward to the whole host of new techniques and methods that will be availible to me when using oils.

4 thoughts on “My visit to see the Artist Peter Symonds in his Studio

  1. Peter Symonds is a true inspiration for people like myself,who oil /acrylic paint and love the English Lake District. Is it possible to know Peter’s typical palette for these stunning paintings ?
    I hope you can oblige.

  2. I would presume it would be all the natural colours such as
    cadmium yellow, orange and red, lemon yellow, yellow ochre, burnt sienna, burnt umber, crimson, cobalt blue, cerulean blue/cyan, ultramarine, not sure about which purple and pinks would be used. Hope that helps – happy painting!!

  3. We have just purchased a print of Peter Symonds, named September. It looks a beautiful Lake District scene, but we don’t recognise the fells!
    Can you help.
    Best regards.

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