New Painting – ‘Sailing to Dittisham’

Sailing to Dittisham1

Here is my new acrylic painting of two sailboats heading to Dittisham village. Dittisham is a small village in Devon on the River Dart between Totnes and Dartmouth.   

Last summer I was on a river cruise and as we approached Dittisham two sail boats began two slalom around the bigger boat that I was on. There was a good breeze so their sails were fully extended, they were racing each other back and forth across the river. I had my camera at the ready and fired off numerous shots. I knew imediately it would make a good painting as the light was so striking.

To view this painting go to Originals or Canvas Limited Editions

5 thoughts on “New Painting – ‘Sailing to Dittisham’

  1. I love it! The white sunlight, almost blinding, and the blue shadows, so effective, are a little bit intoxicating.

  2. Thankyou for the comments – I think this painting makes you want to join in with the fun their having, I know I did!!

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